Minolta X700

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The Minolta X-700 was the last high specification manual focus body manufactured by the company before the introduction of its revolutionary autofocus body the 7000. Beginning in 1981, the X-700 was launched as a state of the art SLR camera, boasting an enormous array of accessories which together comprised the “Minolta Program System”. Undoubtedly the most successful Minolta camera since the SRT era, the X-700 was awarded “European Camera of the Year” in 1981. While production did switch from Japan to China during the 1990’s the camera was still available new from Minolta as late as 1999 (albeit with a significantly reduced range of lenses and accessories available).


Ich hatte die Minolta X700 zusammen mit dem 58mm 1.4 wie man auf dem Foto unschwer erkennen kann und habe damit ein paar schöne Fotos machen können wie beispielsweise die Aufnahme des Bassmans von Makabu.


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